Day 9


We explored north of our base and were assaulted by more stirges. We dispatched them and continued our exploration. Following a long hall with a turn at the end we came to a room with pillars in all the corners. From the pillars poured great streams of clean water which were collected in basins at the foot of the pillars. The water never overflowed the basins, and never stopped flowing. This place is perfect for collecting water, cleaning and dressing wounds, bathing; except for the ogre.
Upon entry I was knocked out. When I came to we weren’t fighting the ogre, but instead listening to its sad tale of being decived by a rat man and then being forced into service by an orc lord called Orgar. From what I can tell the ogre, named Brag-Dor, was badly wounded by my comrades. Our fighting ability earned the ogre’s respect and he considers us friends now, no longer will he bother us when we come to get water.
While listening to his tale, more dire rats came upon us. I slew half of the beasts, while my comrades took care of a few and Brag-Dor pulverised one. With clean water in our skins and more meat to cook, we returned to our base to rest.
Yasmina and Martin volunteer to fetch supplies for a fire while Uther takes care of me. Ryu stands guard.
The room is drafty, and the fire has to be fed in order to keep the flame from going out.



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