Day 7

More is the merrier

An elf and dwarf have found their way into this darkened corner of heaven. The dwarf, Uther, is a follower of Moradin as well as a preacher for the same. The elf, Yasmina, is an elf with a gift for finding and disabling traps and locks and such. We have joined ranks together and with a renewed sense of boldness have decided to brave the fire door. Ryu is convinced that the fire will not harm him. True to his word, the fire did not harm him, though it did remove all his garments. Yasmina easily disabled the trap after the shenanigans were completed and we proceeded onwards.
The fire door led to a room with one exit at the opposite wall, and two secrete doors on either side wall. One secret door led to the body room. The other, to a storage room with long forgotten and rotten goods. Barrels, rope, crates, and bags all full of items that would be useful if they were not ready to fall apart. The obvious door in the opposite wall led to a corridor that was packed with bags of terrible mold. We did not travel this path.
Travelling through the rotten store house we came upon a small hallway which, upon entry, triggered a trap that shot magic arrows made of acid. A mere 20 feet stood between us and a side hallway; a mere 20 feet and arrows of acid that is. We braved the corridor and managed to avoid the acid arrows, for the most part. We were wounded terribly, though, and decided to rest the next day in an antechamber that the hallway led to. Incidentally, the antechamber is connected to the hallway with the mouldering bags we decided not to brave.



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