Day 8

The moldy room

The room we decided to rest in was also filled with bags of terrible mold. We did our best not to disturb the sacks. Uther used his abilities to heal our wounded. I went to guard the door at the end of the mold hallway while Yasmina took up position in the hall we came in through yesterday. Throughout the day the acid trap would be triggered, almost once an hour. Though we healed, we found no rest in this place. Towards the middle of the day, the trap was triggered several times in a matter of seconds and large, flying mosquitos called stirges emerged from the hall to attack us.
Yasmina managed to kill one before falling back and alerting us. We fought the beasts and were victorious. We decided to find more secure lodgings and so continued to explore. We went to the southernmost door in the main hall and found it opened into a room which was quite empty. Yasmina found a secret door on the north wall which led to a smaller ‘L’ shaped room covered in dust. This room had three doors; a secred one in the eastern corner of the north wall, a trapped on in the northern corner of the east wall, and a regular one in the south corner of the east wall.
Leaving the trap in place we explored the south door. It opened into a room covered in debris from the ceiling. Movement would be terribly difficult, and being quite would be nearly impossible.
The Secret door let to a larger room with a “bed”, firepit, and table. We moved these items back into the other room and declared it our base. Here we finally found some rest.



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