Day 10
Darkmantles and casks

Yasmina and Martin are ambushed by darkmantles in their forays out into the halls. The defeat their foes soundly and return with hard won wood. One of the items was a barrel which used to store liquid. Uther repaired it with magic and filled it with water, again by magic.
We should be able to continue exploring tomorrow.

Day 9

We explored north of our base and were assaulted by more stirges. We dispatched them and continued our exploration. Following a long hall with a turn at the end we came to a room with pillars in all the corners. From the pillars poured great streams of clean water which were collected in basins at the foot of the pillars. The water never overflowed the basins, and never stopped flowing. This place is perfect for collecting water, cleaning and dressing wounds, bathing; except for the ogre.
Upon entry I was knocked out. When I came to we weren’t fighting the ogre, but instead listening to its sad tale of being decived by a rat man and then being forced into service by an orc lord called Orgar. From what I can tell the ogre, named Brag-Dor, was badly wounded by my comrades. Our fighting ability earned the ogre’s respect and he considers us friends now, no longer will he bother us when we come to get water.
While listening to his tale, more dire rats came upon us. I slew half of the beasts, while my comrades took care of a few and Brag-Dor pulverised one. With clean water in our skins and more meat to cook, we returned to our base to rest.
Yasmina and Martin volunteer to fetch supplies for a fire while Uther takes care of me. Ryu stands guard.
The room is drafty, and the fire has to be fed in order to keep the flame from going out.

Day 8
The moldy room

The room we decided to rest in was also filled with bags of terrible mold. We did our best not to disturb the sacks. Uther used his abilities to heal our wounded. I went to guard the door at the end of the mold hallway while Yasmina took up position in the hall we came in through yesterday. Throughout the day the acid trap would be triggered, almost once an hour. Though we healed, we found no rest in this place. Towards the middle of the day, the trap was triggered several times in a matter of seconds and large, flying mosquitos called stirges emerged from the hall to attack us.
Yasmina managed to kill one before falling back and alerting us. We fought the beasts and were victorious. We decided to find more secure lodgings and so continued to explore. We went to the southernmost door in the main hall and found it opened into a room which was quite empty. Yasmina found a secret door on the north wall which led to a smaller ‘L’ shaped room covered in dust. This room had three doors; a secred one in the eastern corner of the north wall, a trapped on in the northern corner of the east wall, and a regular one in the south corner of the east wall.
Leaving the trap in place we explored the south door. It opened into a room covered in debris from the ceiling. Movement would be terribly difficult, and being quite would be nearly impossible.
The Secret door let to a larger room with a “bed”, firepit, and table. We moved these items back into the other room and declared it our base. Here we finally found some rest.

Day 7
More is the merrier

An elf and dwarf have found their way into this darkened corner of heaven. The dwarf, Uther, is a follower of Moradin as well as a preacher for the same. The elf, Yasmina, is an elf with a gift for finding and disabling traps and locks and such. We have joined ranks together and with a renewed sense of boldness have decided to brave the fire door. Ryu is convinced that the fire will not harm him. True to his word, the fire did not harm him, though it did remove all his garments. Yasmina easily disabled the trap after the shenanigans were completed and we proceeded onwards.
The fire door led to a room with one exit at the opposite wall, and two secrete doors on either side wall. One secret door led to the body room. The other, to a storage room with long forgotten and rotten goods. Barrels, rope, crates, and bags all full of items that would be useful if they were not ready to fall apart. The obvious door in the opposite wall led to a corridor that was packed with bags of terrible mold. We did not travel this path.
Travelling through the rotten store house we came upon a small hallway which, upon entry, triggered a trap that shot magic arrows made of acid. A mere 20 feet stood between us and a side hallway; a mere 20 feet and arrows of acid that is. We braved the corridor and managed to avoid the acid arrows, for the most part. We were wounded terribly, though, and decided to rest the next day in an antechamber that the hallway led to. Incidentally, the antechamber is connected to the hallway with the mouldering bags we decided not to brave.

Day 6
More rats, hampered exploration

We set out to explore north of our safe room, but were overcome by a rat swarm. There were hundreds of rats, normal sized but still quite large in number. We dispatched the swarm, but I was bitten by one nasty looking rat. I fear I contracted a disease as I soon felt my strength depart from me, leaving me weakened but still capable.

Day 5
Recovery 2

With meat and fungi, we rested.

Day 4

A group of dire rats came upon us, with more numbers than before. It was a hard battle, but not like that of the first day. We overcame our foes and were grateful for the meat. The orcs we met the first day have died. We placed their bodies in the Body Room, a decent sized room in the north west of the entryway where a great deal of bodies already were laid to rest and rotting. We returned to our safe room to rest and recover.

Day 2 and 3
Recovery 1

We spent two days recovering from our wounds. I foraged for food, finding fungi and rodents. We fought some dire rats, and brought their meat to the fire door to roast them for food.

Day 1
The Threshold

I awoke today in a strange place. With me, two people I had never known before. One, a tall human who only seems to be able to talk to me, named is Ryu. The other, a somewhat shorter man with scruffy hair and a keen scent, named Martin. There were two doors of impenetrable darkness, and so we progressed forward. We were ambushed by kobolds, darkmantles, and rats. We took damage enough to hinder our progress. We also encountered a door which spouts fire when approached. We encountered some orcs, sick and dying. We left them alone. We fought our way into a defensible position and set up camp.

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